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Class Race Rules

Race Rules for
RMYC Restricted Class (1907)


Not to exceed 27 feet overall.
Do. 24 feet W.L.
To be measured without crew but with all racing gear on board.
Freeboard to top of covering board or deck not less than 1 ft. 8 in. at the lowest point.
Iron ballast not less than 3o cwt. in all, excluding centreboard. Public weighing machine certificate for the keel to be produced.
Centreboard 3/8 in. iron or steel plate, not to exceed 12 sq. ft. exposed area. Drop not to exceed 3 ft. Centreboard to pivot on the fore end.
The draught to be not less than 3 ft. and not to exceed 3 ft. 6 in., excluding centreboard. No hollowing up of keel or skag abaft the centreboard.
Beam not less than 8 ft. and not to exceed 8 ft. 6 in.
Headroom under coachroof not less than 4 ft. 3 in. at after end and 3ft. 9 in. at fore end measured to the level of the top of coamings inside.
Tops of seats, without cushions, not less than 10 in. from the floor of the cabin.
The distance between risers of seats under coach roof not less than 2 ft. 4 in., and abreast of centreboard case no timbers to cut this floor space.
Coachroof not less than 8 ft. long nor less than 5 ft. 6 in. wide at the widest part.
Cockpit, not more than 3 ft. wide in the deck opening, and not to extend further aft than 2 ft. 6 in. from the transom.
Cockpit coamings not less than 4 in. high at the lowest point, and not to be outside the line of coach roof.
Rudder to be hung outside on flat transom in the usual manner, and to follow the straight line of transom and stern post or skag. No balance rudders and no rudder to extend below the draught of the boat at after end.
Planking to be not less than 1 in. finished. Decks caulked not less than 1 1/8 in. finished.
Decks covered with canvas or linoleum not less than 7/8 in. finished without covering.
Framing, deck beams, fittings, &c., to be not less than specification.
Boats to be cutter rigged. Spinnaker boom not to exceed the length of the base of the foretriangle.
Headsail not to be less than 25% and topsail not less than 15% of the total sail area measured as per Y.R.A. Rule. The distance from foreside of the mast to the point where the line of forestay cuts the deck not to be less than 6 feet.
Sail area not to exceed 550 sq. ft. as per Y.R.A. Rule of measurement. No hollow spars.
No blacklead, graphite paint or similar compositions to be used.
Outfit of anchors, chains and cruising gear as per specification, which may be obtained from the official measurer, always to be on board while racing.
Crew not more than 4 hands, all amateurs, in Royal Mersey Yacht Club races, one of whom and the helmsman must be members of the Club. One youth (amateur) under 14 may be taken, who shall not count as a hand.

In races given outside the Mersey, Helmsmen to be members of a Royal or recognised Yacht Club. One paid hand and one pilot to be allowed, but total crew not to exceed four.

* Sails, not more than one suit per annum.
* Boats not to be hauled up for three days previous to any race.
* Boats not to be painted more than twice during the racing season.

* Unless special permission is granted by the Committee.

The management of this class shall be vested in a Sub-Committee consisting of not less than five members, of whom three shall form a quorum. They shall have full power to settle all questions relating to the above Rules, especially including the evasion either of the letter or the spirit thereof.

It is recommended that should any doubt arise as to the meaning of any point in these Restrictions, reference should be made to the Committee prior to the commencement of the boat.