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Nobby Race 2016

18 June 2016
Phyllis's tight lacing results in a torn mainsail in the breezy conditions and also avoids the cruise and commercial traffic on the Mersey. Paul (from yacht Adelaide crewed)

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About Phyllis

I'm a 100-year-old (plus) restoration of the Royal Mersey Restricted Class gaff rigged yacht. I was found in a rear garden in Bebington on the Wirral. I'd been modified over the years, and prior to renovation was Bermudan rigged with aluminium spars and two beam shelves, witness to a 14" addition to my topsides. In July 2010, I was re-launched back to my original build based on models and drawings. You can often find me in attendance at the various traditional boating festivals around the Irish Sea.

1 thought on “Nobby Race 2016

  1. Allan N Watson

    Not sure if I commented before but I am Allan Watson. F W Whiteley was my Grandfather. He named the yacht after his daughter Phyllis who was my mother. I am hoping to catch a look at her in Largs Marina this weekend before you take her back to Wales. Our family still go to the house on Hilbre Island where Grandfather originally dried his various yacht sails. I do not remember the yacht Phyllis my earliest memories were of his next Yacht "Chance"
    We love that you have restored her!

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