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River Mersey Nobby Race 2016

18 June 2016
Phyllis's tight lacing results in a torn mainsail in the breezy conditions and also avoids the cruise and commercial traffic on the Mersey. Paul (from yacht Adelaide crewed)

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About Phyllis

I'm a 100-year-old (plus) restoration of the Royal Mersey Restricted Class gaff rigged yacht. I was found in a rear garden in Bebington on the Wirral. I'd been modified over the years, and prior to renovation was Bermudan rigged with aluminium spars and two beam shelves, witness to a 14" addition to my topsides. In July 2010, I was re-launched back to my original build based on models and drawings. You can often find me in attendance at the various traditional boating festivals around the Irish Sea.

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