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The “Ikinoo” Waltz

For those readers who follow the history of the Royal Mersey Restricted Class yachts on the website several logs have been kindly provided by Mike Greenwood whose father John (Jack) and uncle Eric crewed on the yacht "Ikinoo" for several years. Postscript: If anyone knows the whereabouts or what's happened to "Ikinoo" please get in touch.

Eric playing the Melodeon on the yacht "Ikinoo".

Mike who now lives in Glasgow is a dedicated mandolin player and his tutor, Laura-Beth Salter was so impressed with the history of the families sailing exploits said she was inspired to write the 'Ikinoo Waltz' after seeing the sailing photos of his father and uncle that he put together to the Sharon Shannon music.  In particular this photo of his Uncle Eric playing the melodeon on "Ikinoo".

Laura-Beth Salter plays in a number of award-winning groups including 'The Shee', 'The Kinnaris Quintet' and as a duo with Jenn Butterworth. You can see Laura-Beth playing the rendition of her composition below:

The Ikinoo Waltz


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